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HI Everybody,

Welcome to our new website! Hope you all like it...
Thanks to all who have supported us at our first four or
five gigs this year, and thanks to those newcomers to the
mailing list. We really appreciate your interest.

The Enmore show supporting Missy was
amazing - playing to, I think, our biggest crowd yet, who
were extremely supportive and responsive. Simon
then went on to do one track on Missy's Music Max session
at the Opera House, so look out for him if you are a cable

As you know we have completed recording our debut
self-titled LP and we will be selling Advanced Copies at
our Showcase night at The Vanguard on May 24th. You can
already buy tickets from Please
come along, book a table, have some dinner - it will be a
great night. Brett Hunt is supporting and Ben Fountain will
also be on first up.

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