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The Macs and Canada - Joel Plaskett gig

HI Everybody,

Well we are back from our first little overseas venture.
Canada was very very cold. -20 degrees when we got there.
But what a hot city. We had such a great time, made a lot
of new friends in the industry world and the wonderful
world of moosehead-hockey-loving artists. It sure was aboot
time we made it over there eh.

We are back and settled now and we have a string of
exciting new shows coming up so stay tuned to the gig page
on the website - they are all listed.

So just quickly - here's the macs...

We are playing at The Great Escape (Newington Armory)on Sat
April 15th at The Big Top at 12.35pm... so those of you who
are going to be there - come on along. We just did a sold
out show at The Vanguard supporting Jason Mraz which was a
really fantastic night. What a voice that guy has. We have
also just recorded a new single "How It Is" and our first
film clip thanks entirely to the people at Red Rug
Productions, and our very lovely extras - our family and
firends. To say the least we are sooo very happy with it -
it includes a few gorgeous shots of the new addition to The
McMenamin clan, Simon's first born - Evie(and the
inspiration for the song itself).
I will put up a sample of the song next week, so you can
check it out on the SONG SAMPLE page of our website. Lastly
- apparrently we're big in Taree and we're pretty sure
we'll be performing at the Taree 2bob Radio ball in August,
which we reckon is gonna be thigh-slapping foot-stompin
great fun.

Ok - what I would like to tell you all - is that we saw a
guy at Canadian Music Week named Joel Plaskett which was by
far the higlight of our CMW gig going experience. This guy
is unreal. Seriously, not to be missed - and it just so
happens that he is playing in Sydney in 2 and a bit weeks
time.. and it just so happens that we landed the support!
So here are the details - be sure to book early on the
website, this guy is big in Canada and I'm sure he'll be
big here so this show may sell out. Hence the early heads
up. (Everyone keeps telling me I'm way too last minute bout
these things).

Joel Plaskett
supported by The McMenamins
The Vanguard
Wednesday 19th April
doors open 7pm
book online

If you want to see some really good stuff be sure to make
it to this one.
Thanks to all of you who have been sending me emails and
showing your support. It means a great deal to us.
And please do keep requesting us on the radio, the more
radio play the more albums we sell and the more tours we
can afford!


The McMenamins.
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