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Hi all,

It has been a while since we last reported any news as we
have been a little busy having babies and moving up north
for a few months to be with family etc. But The McMenamins
are pleased to announce the birth of Fleur's little girl
Lila May Jean Falchetti (pronounced Leela) born on the 22nd
March 2007. She is a dream baby.

The album 'In this light' was released and launched end of
last year and is now available through MGM in all good
record stores or - online at itunes - check it out or buy
here - href="">
The McMenaminssrc="">
Or you can buy our album direct from us on the ALBUM
page at our website

Check out our latest review also - it is the last one on
the REVIEW page at website if you'd like a testimonial!

Our little east coast tour at the end of last year was a
success, ending up in Cairns where we played our first home
town gigs to a packed audience.

Keep an eye on the website for up coming gigs and festivals
as we start to get back into it in a couple of months.

Also - check out our myspace account and become friends, and don't
forget to keep requesting us on radio - you can also vote
for us or rank us on triple j's unearthed site -

Thanks so much for your continued support.

The McMenamins.
Click here for our album through href="">
The McMenaminssrc="

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