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Home again from USA!

Hi Subscribers -

Has been a long time between Newsletters we know - but we thought we'd send through an update as The McMenamins returned home early this week after their second successful tour of the US. The tour included an Official Showcase (and many Private Showcases) at Folk Alliance in Memphis followed by a week of shows in Texas.

2011 was a big year for the duo and began with 6 shows at Woodford during the 'Big Wet' and their East Coast tour promoting the Album 'Long Time Gone' ended at the Tamworth Country Music Festival - (with all 8 members of the entourage in the tour van / caravans including 4 kids under 5!) followed later in March by Nannup Music Festival in WA.

They then took out a couple of Song Awards including yet another Queensland Music Award with their song 'Umbrella Town' - and '63 Years' won the 'Folk & Country' Category in the OZSong International Songwriting Competition.

After the success of their first tour of the US in Sept /Oct 2011 seeing them do three weeks of Shows in Oregon, Texas and ending in Nashville at The Americana Music Festival, the siblings then made the trek to Memphis after being Officially selected to Showcase at Folk Alliance 2012. Austin & Texas shows followed with an appearance on Balcony TV, Good Day Austin on Fox 7 News and performances at Texas University's Campus and Radio stations.

The McMenamins would like to thank everyone for their support over the last year and remind you all to go to the Facebook button (at bottom of each website page) to see photos and details of their travels.. and please suggest The McMenamins to your friends and families to help spread the word about their music so as to help them continue making it.

Stay tuned in 2012 for more news on gigs and recordings etc....
All music available on itunes or through BUY page of the website.

Thanks again for your ongoing support for independent music!

The McMenamins.

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